iStock price cut sees 50% off half of its stock images

Photo: iStock

Creatives looking for stock photos can now get them on the cheap from iStock, which has announced that half of its library has had its price cut in half.

In its announcement, iStock notes that half of its library of stock photos are exclusive to the company. From our investigations on the iStock site, it appears that the photos that have become half-price are those that aren't exclusive. We've reached out to iStock to confirm this and will update this story when they respond.

If this is the case, it would make iStock more competitive for those images against other microstock sites – which may offer the same images at a lower price than iStock did previously – while providing an incentive to photographers to exclusively licence their photos to iStock. As before, photographers get up to 45% from the sale of an exclusive image, and around 15-20% of a non-exclusive one – though as the overall price has halved, they're getting the equivalent of 7.5-10% (however, as the overall cost to the buyer has come down, they may sell more images).

Arcurs Collection

iStock has also launched the Arcus Collection, featuring thousands of images by photographer Yuri Arcurs that are exclusive to iStock. The company says that it will expand the collection to feature more than 85,000 by the autumn.

iStock recently updated its site to improve its UX, simplifying the grid of search results. It also allows users to filter images by price and identify exclusive images.

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