Adobe brings photo editing to iPad with Lightroom mobile

Adobe has today released Lightroom mobile, an iPad app that can be used in conjunction with the Lightroom desktop application to help improve photo-editing workflow while on the move.

The app, which is available to all Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers and subscribers to the Photoshop Photography Program, brings tools that Lightroom users will already be familiar with to Apple's tablet, including cropping and editing tools and filters.

Any changes made to photographs in the Lightroom mobile app can be quickly synced with the desktop application and vice versa, including all edits, metadata and collection changes.

Should you want to capture a photograph using the iPad itself to edit in the Lightroom mobile app and perhaps later on the desktop, Adobe has built-in a feature that can automatically import images taken with the iPad's camera into both the mobile and desktop apps ready for editing.

Using a Smart Preview feature, Adobe Lightroom mobile means you can work on large images on your iPad at a temporarily reduced size that the tablet is able to handle.

Images can be worked on even while you're offline, so you could edit on the Underground or on a plane journey, for example. The changes will then sync with your desktop app when you reconnect to the internet.

All photographs can be easily shared from the Lightroom mobile app to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, and are also viewable in any web browser after being synced with the desktop app.

You'll need to update to Lightroom 5.4 in order to be able to sync with Lightroom mobile, which is a free to download app that you can then log into using your Adobe ID. The app will work on any iPad 2 or later running iOS 7.  

To find out more about Lightroom mobile, visit the Adobe website.

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