• CES: Gates talks digital lifestyle

    Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates shared his company’s future vision for seamlessly connecting users to personalized digital content through next-generation software, services and devices during his keynote at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) here in Las Vegas Wednesday.

  • Kodak intros dual-lens camera

    Kodak announced Tuesday that its new V570 digital camera, with both an optical zoom and a wide angle lens, will be available this month for $399.95 (around £240).

  • Sonic Foundry releases multimedia server

    Sonic Foundry has released a new, enhanced version of its Mediasite EX Server software that is designed to be more robust and support an enterprise-wide deployment with such features as LDAP integration, improved scalability and better accessibility for the blind and deaf.

  • Wireless USB creeps nearer

    The wireless replacement for USB has come a step closer to reality – and some questions on migration have been answered – with the release of a reference design from Wisair.

  • Startup to show fuel cell at CES

    Medis Technologies, a US-Israeli startup company, is planning to unveil at next month's Consumer Electronics Show power packs that will be able to power or recharge portable electronics gadgets, it said this week.

  • Intel prepares new laptop tech

    Intel is getting ready to launch two major products that will combine the most visible piece of the company's evolving platform strategy, its Centrino mobile brand, with the company's most ambitious effort yet at building the digital home, executives said Tuesday.

  • Apple Aperture - first UK review

    Apple has just begun shipping its £297 pro-level digital photography workflow and editing application, Aperture. I took the program for a spin and ...

  • Intel to 'certify media for PCs'

    Intel is working with dozens of movie, music, and game providers around the world to ensure their services work with the living room PC concept embodied by its upcoming Viiv brand, scheduled to be launched early next year.

  • Apple: Aperture not a Photoshop competitor

    Apple on Wednesday entered into a new market segment with the announcement of its first professional-level photography application: Aperture. Once the sole domain of Adobe Systems' Photoshop, Aperture appeals to photographers by simplifying the workflow issues many professionals have encountered over the years.

  • New wireless content delivery methods outlined

    Mobile software vendors and content providers at this week's CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment conference plan not just to bring new products to mobile users but also make them easier to find.

  • EU Parliament rejects patent law proposal

    Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to reject proposed legislation that critics argued would have allowed the widespread patenting of software in Europe.

  • Intel-based Macs may run Windows

    Apple's decision to abandon IBM PowerPC chips in favor of processors from Intel raises the possibility of new, affordable Apple computers that could boot both Mac OS X and Windows.

  • Interview: Adobe talks Photoshop

    With the release of their flagship product Photoshop in late April, Adobe went back to the drawing board to develop an application that appealed to a wider audience, while maintaining the high-end functionality expected from its customers. In doing this the Adobe team took a hard look at the markets it serves, specifically digital versus print.

  • Apple makes leap to Intel

    The devil is skating to work this morning, in the eyes of many, as Apple has announced that Macs using Intel chips will be on the market by this time next year. All Macs will be moved over to Intel chips by the end of 2007.

  • Longhorn details emerge

    The successor to Windows XP isn't due until late next year, but Microsoft this week treated Windows hardware developers here to tantalizing glimpses of a slick-looking OS with support for all types of connectivity and multimedia, new security capabilities, and a new document format.

  • Chip industry faces design challenges

    Semiconductor makers will soon need to find a new substrate to replace the pure silicon wafers used to make chips if they are to keep pace with expected advances in chip-making technology, according to the head of a prominent industry group.

  • IPod Photo - sneak preview

    Even in the US, iPod Photos can’t be found for love nor money. But we got hold of one – check out our sneak preview.

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