You can now buy prints of Jurassic Park's classic dinosaur scenes

A chance to own your own memento from this cinematic milestone in VFX history.

Jurassic Park might be as old as dinosaurs considering where we are now with VFX, but who could seriously argue that the film still doesn't stun with its realism as it did back in 1993?

Good news then that Classic Stills, publisher of rare and iconic photographs, has joined forces with Universal Studios to release Jurassic Park prints to the public for the first time ever. Iconic moments and publicity stills will be available as gallery-quality, limited edition fine art prints with numberings to boot, as so.

The collections feature 11 photos from the film with between 100-250 numbered prints of each image available for purchase. Each print will be individually numbered and only available for a limited time, so best be quick if you want your own memento from this cinematic milestone in VFX history.

The film, which turned 25 this year, marked the first time digital technology used to create complete and detailed living creatures on screen. These were also the first photorealistic CG creatures to hit the cinema. 

Jeff Goldblum fans may also want this shot of Ian Malcolm on their walls. No bare chest though, sorry guys.

You can get your prints today from the Classic Stills site.

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