Watch Werner Herzog's cameo in the Penguins of Madagascar film

The film's likely to be terrible but the Grizzly Man director's appearance in the new film in the Madagascar franchise is worth three minutes of your time. You can watch his cameo above.

Penguins of Madagascar probably isn't the worst film Werner Herzog's been involved with, but it's very unlikely to match the best moments in the German film director's career. Despite starring four 'zany' penguins on an 'incredible adventure', I suspect it won't be as truly loopy as Aguirre, the Wrath of God - nor evoke the same pathos as his later documentaries such as Grizzly Man.

It's Werner's position as creator of visually stunning documentaries set in icy landscapes such as Happy People and Encounters at the End of the World that his Penguins of Madagascar appearance draws on - as, while Grizzly Man is his best known work these days, an in-joke based on a film about a man who gets eaten by a bear isn't very funny. Voicing an nature documentary maker in his usual precise, clipped manner, his actions kickstart the penguins' adventure.

Penguins of Madagascar is the origin story of the four wisecracking penguins – secondary characters in the original Madagascar but so popular that, along with Sasha Baron-Cohen's egocentric lemur Julien, a terrible TV show - also called Penguins of Madagascar – was made around them. The film of Penguins of Madagascar can be avoided at cinemas from December 5.


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