Watch this heartwarming Christmas short by Trunk for composer John Rutter

Decca Records approached Trunk on behalf of Classic FM to create a film for composer John Rutter’s Angels’ Carol.

Inspired, Rok Predin immediately got to work to create a short that captures the spirit of Christmas and the festive holidays, with driving snow, treacherous roads, and the warmth of strange woodland creatures.

The resulting wintery film is based on the classic tale of getting home for Christmas, something we can all relate to as we struggle with trains, planes and automobiles at this time of year.

The story is presented in Rok's signature style, of rich textures, layered depth and a mix of peril and humour.

With a nod to Studio Ghibli’s character Totoro, the uplifting short walks hand in hand with the magnificent building nature of the song.

Rendered in Cinema 4D and After Effects the work owes a lot to the methodology Rok perfected during this last year at Trunk.

“The fast turnaround of the short would not have been possible without working on One of a Kind,” says Rok. “It also bought back memories of working on ‘Winter Poem’ especially when it came to rendering snowflakes and thinking of the magic creatures contained in wintery woodlands.”

Fonic, the studio that collaborated with Trunk on Thin White Gelato (a previous Christmas Vimeo Staff Pick) once again developed the audio for this year’s festive outing.

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