Watch this mesmerising 3D projection-mapped spectacle from Romania

An epic visionary projection illuminated the walls of the Romanian Parliament building and captured the minds of 40,000 viewers, winning the iMapp Bucharest International Video Mapping Competition at the end of last month.

Hungarian team Limelight worked on their 4.5-minute spectacle for two and a half months. It used 104 projectors to cover 23,000 square metres of the Romanian Parliament - one of the largest administrative buildings in the world. 

The 3D projection mapping artwork, titled Interconnection, explored the interconnectedness of the outer and inner universe – micro and macro objects.

The display used colour, light and sound to open discussion between the internal and external through a cinematic journey from the state of separation to the state of openness.


Limelight won both the Jury’s Choice and the Audience Award, with Interconnection gaining twice as many votes from the audience members than the runner-up.

Creators of the piece drew from contemporary visionary art and architecture, sacred geometry and even physics to connect art and audience, architecture and animation. 

Limelight is a group of artists who create light installations on public spaces using high-power projectors. They describe their art projections as monumental, colourful, precisely mapped artwork that reconsiders public space. 

They describe the project: “Even though we often lose touch with the bigger picture, we are all part of a cosmic network. It is only the human mind’s false perception that inner and outer are separated, causing confusion and misunderstanding in the world sometimes.” 

But the clever aspect of Interconnection is not only it’s massive eye-dizzying wonder, but its ability to incorporate the architectural shape of the building into the artwork’s design. It was among the six finalists selected for the competition – one of the world's largest for visual mapping contests.


The piece was directed by Antonin Krizanic, and produced by Istavan David, featuring the music of AMB entitled Set in Stone.

Fine Cut Bodies were behind the sound effects, and visual designers include Antonin and David Vigh, joined by animators Viktor Vicsek, Csaba Vilagos, Mate Fekete and Miklos Mar. 

Each year in September the best video artists across the globe showcase their work onto the parliament building for the competition, and face judges who’ve directed various light festivals in Berlin, Helsinki, Genova and Prague.

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