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You don’t have to wait for the latest Pixar, Disney or Illumination Entertainment movie to see wonderful animation. There’s a world of animation shorts out there on video sharing sites such as Vimeo that are arguably better than even Pixar.

The best animation short I’ve seen this year is fantastic in more ways than one. Yes, it’s quite brilliant. And it’s a sci-fi fantasy too. You can watch it above.

Written, directed and animated by Kyungmin Woo for Korean animation studio Alfred Imageworks, JohnnyExpress tells the story of a lazy space delivery man in 2150 who unwittingly causes chaos on an alien world.
Why is that package he has to deliver so tiny? Well, Johnny Express doesn’t bother to think of the consequences as he begrudgingly steps out of his spaceship.

Suitable for kids and adults alike, JonnyExpress takes a story we’ve seen before on The Twilight Zone, The Simpsons, and comics such 2000AD, and adds a big dollop of slapstick humour and wonderful visual gags to cheer up even Marvin the Paranoid Android.

The delivery man literally steps foot on a tiny alien civilisation, causing mayhem and destruction without him noticing a moment of it.

The scene with one of the cute purple aliens running from the giant rolling tin can is worthy of inclusion in any Pixar Toy Story and Monsters Inc movie, or a Despicable Me blockbuster.

The ending might be comically bleak but it sure is funny getting there.

If you haven’t seen JohnnyExpress yet set aside five and a half minutes, and I promise you’ll be sharing this with friends and family immediately after – if you haven’t just watched it again instead.

JohnnyExpress is largely the work of Woo, who is responsible for character design, artwork, story board, animation, modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering, compositing and editing.

It was co-written and produced by Jisang Kim. Spaceman animation is by Seemin Rho, and character rigging is courtesy of Kuho Choi. Songmin Kim was responsible for 2D graphic design, and VFX design is by Yongjun Oh. Music is by Myungjong Kim.

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