Watch a Nintendo game come to life in this advert/music video hybrid

Super Mario: Ladies' man.

Now we want to visit Nintendo World.

After watching We Are Born to Play, a collaboration between dance duo Galantis and UK alt pop titan Charli XCX, we have so many questions. Like, is it a music video? Is it a game ad? Plain old amusement park promo?

The answer is: all these things and above, making for a fun little commercial that makes us want to visit Super Nintendo World once it opens in time for this summer's Tokyo Olympics. 

The video is perfect branding; one watch while you bop and you know Super Nintendo World is a video game land brought to reality.

Nintendo characters we all know and love from Super Mario also come to life, integrating well with Charli and her fellow humans as they navigate various levels out of a Mario game. You won't see Sonic the Hedgehog or Zelda, which might suggest other videos in the pipeline based on those equally beloved properties. It's not like Mario is the be-all and end-all of Nintendo, so we're surprised none of them pop up here.

We're also surprised that Nintendo teamed up Charli with Swedish duo Galantis instead of Japanese pop producer extraordinaire Yasutaka Nakata, who worked with XCX a few years ago on the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-featuring Crazy Crazy.

That's another fun video.

Anyway, Super Nintendo World is due to open this summer 2020 in Japan's other great city - if not greatest city - Osaka, which is over three hours by bullet train from Tokyo. If you're not a Nintendo Nut, you'd still do well in heading down to Osaka if visiting this summer's Games.

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