Watch Nathan Love's 'Murder, Sex, Greed' ad that's (surprisingly) about flowers

The scandalous side of floriculture is highlighted in a delightful 60 second short Murder, Sex, Greed, directed by Nathan Love’s Anca Risca.

In the minute-long film, facts about plants so large they can devour rodents to a self-fornicating flower are combined with sharp lines and vivid animation to promote the American Floral Endowment’s research and education initiatives.

The team at Nathan Love combined various techniques to match the flowers' scintillating sides, using characters designed in 3D to add more dimension and smoothness to the animation coupled with traditionally animated elements like hands, or fluid elements like smoke and explosions to have more control over the forms, the company said on its website.

To create fireworks in one scene, the studio mixed particles, 3D flowers and traditionally animated sparks and brush strokes.

"I think the mix of techniques, humour and the overarching design meshed together to create a very unique and elegant piece, with an edge," Creative Director Joe Burrascano said in a press release. "The dynamic integration of various techniques into a beautiful and simple design combined with a great sense of humor is becoming a hallmark of Anca’s work as a director."

Nathan Love, a New York City-based design studio, was chosen for this production based on the studio’s 2D animated NBC peacock shorts, which had the same lighthearted mood with a similar colour palate of rich, dark colours.

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