Watch James' stop-motion music video made of wool

I often find great creative projects from unusual sources, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've discovered one on BBC Breakfast.

BBC's early morning TV show is best known for superficial interviews and wince-inducing 'banter', but as I was about to flip over this morning in search of something more highbrow (such as Octonauts for my daughter), I saw this touching stop-motion music video for James's new single.

(And yes, James of Sit Down and Laid have a new single. And, no, they didn't break up and reform to cash in on the disposable income of ex-90s teenagers, but have been quietly plugging away for years, which deserves some respect.)

Moving On was created by stop-motion animator Ainslie Henderson – Bafta-nominated for his film I am Tom Moody. Ainslee has created a world out of wool that represents the grieving process when someone close to you is dying (provoked by the death of the mother of James' singer Tim Booth). The yarn is used as a metaphor for life – it unravels as one of the figures is dying, with the other unable to stitch it back together – in a way that draws on threads woven and cut by the Fates of classical Greek mythology.

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