Watch This Impressive Sci-Fi Animation for Bentley’s New SUV


Bentley Motors is not holding back with the promise of an immersive and luxurious surround system in the company's new SUV - and the dark yet mesmerising audio visual commercial does not disappoint.

London-based director Tom Hingston, who has worked on projects for David Bowie and the Chemical Brothers to name a few, collaborated with Bentley Motors and Naim Audio to explore the sound and design on offer with the Bentayga SUV.

The car boasts a holistic sense of luxury and heightened performance– but the audio visual produced by independent creative agency Hingston Studio feasts its creative stimulus on the car's 5.1 surround sound system developed by Naim Audio. 

The Go Deeper commercial takes the viewer on an elegant journey with the SUV as it passes through a sequence of figurative landscapes.

As the soundscape unravels, the surrounding environments react and transform and this beautiful reflection is projected to the shiny black body of the vehicle as it travels from one virtual world to the next. 

Transitions are rapid but smooth, with black and deep blue luminescent colours creating an extra-terrestrial, sci-fi atmosphere - at one point the SUV is seen sailing through thin air into a wall of water.

Composer Nick Phillips has designed a dramatic and electric sound track to match the explosive experience, showcasing all frequency ranges available in the SUV’s audio system.

This is not the first time Hingston Studio and Naim Audio have worked together. The collaboration has created a series of audio visual content for Naim Audio products.

Watch these projects below.

Mu-so Cinema Commercial

Mu-so Qb Commercial

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