Watch the Game of Thrones opening sequence recreated with amazing paper cutouts

The fantastical, addictive world of Game of Thrones meshed with the crafted, papery goodness of luxury notebook brand Moleskine looks even more beautiful than it sounds. 

Milan-based video and animation studio Dadomani laboured over more than 7,600 intricate paper cutouts to recreate the majesty of King's Landing, with cogs and gears turning to give rise to an incredible 3D paper city in absolutely stunning detail. We wince at the paper cuts they would have suffered in the process, but appreciate the legendary sacrifice worthy of the series itself.

The press release tells us that the "video coincides with the launch of the Moleskine Game of Thrones Limited Edition Notebook Collection" - and oh, they add afterwards, that small matter of the season 6 premiere on Monday 24 April. Finally, a reason to look forward to the first day of the week.  

Image: Moleskine's four limited edition Game of Thrones notebooks. 

Though the four limited edition themed notebooks alone look good enough to get excited about. Designed using silkscreen prints by graphic designer Levente Szabò - who was also responsible for BAFTA 2016's incredible posters - they are truly beautiful, as is always the case with Moleskine. Where better to write down your epic adventures? Or, if you're like me, scrawl your random 3am scribblings?

Arguably more important than their design (arguably, at least) are the included references to the three dominant Game of Thrones families - Stark, Lannister and Targaryen for those of you who haven't watched the series yet and, by the way, seriously need to sort out their priorities. 

You can buy the notebooks from Moleskine from $USD19.95. 

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