Watch the energetic animated interview with Dave Grohl about Foo Fighters' new album, Concrete and Gold

One of the most riveting 'making of' videos I’ve come across has to be this one for the Foo Fighters’ latest album, Concrete and Gold.

It's a team effort, illustrated by Joe Garber, and put together by Visual Creatures and Therapy Content.

The simple blue-and-white tinged animated line drawings of the band’s Dave Grohl visualises his recount on how himself, his band, and the producer put together their latest album. It's riveting, comical and larger than life. As the band were "taking a break" over the last six months, they worked closely with Greg Kurstin, aka the most wanted US record producer right now, to produce the album with "more twists and turns than a live senate hearing". Check out the making of video below.

Dave sat in a recording studio as he excitedly recounted the years-long process of getting Greg to produce for the Foo Fighters (if I was Greg, I would surely appreciate the strong fan girling from Dave), while recording in a iconic studio in Hollywood. Dave's star-studded recount (Sia, Lady Gaga, Shawn Stockman from Boyz 2 and Alison Mosshar of the Kills to name a few) pieces together how, when and where the album was created, and encapsulates his many conversations with Greg whilst holidaying in Hawaii, not to mention how Justin Timberlake slyly ended up singing in one of the Foo Fighters songs.

Entertainment development and production sister company to Therapy Studios, Therapy Content, worked with their long time collaborators Visual Creatures, a design company to produce, design and animate the visuals of Joe Garber. Eddie Kim of Therapy Studios led the sound design for the project also. Therapy Content has a long standing relationship with Dave Grohl, having previously worked together on docuseries Sonic Highways in 2013, along with many Foo Fighters’ music videos such as Run and The Sky Is A Neighbourhood.

Together, the animated short 2D film was created with vibrancy and energy that lots of making of videos lack. The illustrations by Joe Garber helped to bring the narrative to life way beyond a talking head or piece to camera.

The US rock band has just released its ninth studio album, with reviews already describing it as "reliable, relatable and powerful", and describing Dave as "a flannel shirt-wearing-Freddie-Mercury-with-tats". Some were a little less impressed by the album, describing it as "Beatles versus Slayer in fight against mid-career blandness".

Therapy Content is all about telling entertaining stories across all formats and genres, while Visual Creatures is a multidisciplinary design, animation and VFX studio based in Los Angeles. The artist behind the video’s illustrations – Joe Garber – animates, draws comics and writes.

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