Watch David Walliams' terrible animated Charley Says film

Little Britain comedian David Walliams has joined forces with UK charity Electrical Safety First to attempt a revival of the much-loved Charley Says film series from the 1970s and 80s. Unfortunately, the result is pretty awful.

The original series of six short, animated films featured Charley and his owner, Tony, who helped to educate children about various everyday safety issues. Charley was voiced by the late DJ Kenny Everett, while Tony's voice was provided by a seven-year-old boy.

However, in the new, 60 second Charley Says film designed to teach children about electrical safety, David Walliams provides the voice for both Charley and Tony, resulting in a rather creepy and not altogether successful revival of the cartoon.

The film does succeed in recreating the cut-out animation that was used in the original series, though, and there's no denying that the film carries an important safety message. But we're not so sure that David Walliams' voice manages to conjure up the nostalgic feeling many Charley Says fans will have been hoping for.

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