Watch codswallop and gibberish animated into an award-winning film

The Brothers McLeod have posted their BAFTA Award-nominated animated short film Codswallop online. Watch it above.

Codswallop is based on postcards that Gred McLeod sent to his son, a collection of random moments of quirky characters in unusual circumstances – vignettes that range from the silly to the touching.

The brothers say that the film led to them hanging out with writers and actors: including "the likes of Armando Ianucci (sat near him on a coach) and Stephen Daldry (asked him where the party was) and Daniel Craig (saw him in the toilet)".

As well as being nominated for a BAFTA, the film won Best Short Short at the 17th Annual Saint Louis International Film Festival 2009, the Audience Award at Melbourne International Animation Festival 2009's International Program 3 and the Association of Illustrators's Bronze Award.


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