Watch beautiful animation projected onto little papercraft sets

We've covered Davy and Kristin McGuire's exquisite miniature shows before, but for the first time you're going to be able to see more than one of them in one place.

The husband-and-wife team is putting on their first exhibition next month, at Shoreditch Town Hall in London, featuring works of theirs including The Hunter (above) and The Icebook (below).

The McGuires' works are based around desk-sized intricate paper sets. Lighting in back-projected onto this to set the mood, within which are monochrome animations – sometimes mere silhouettes. These figures and animals act out stories – often folklore-style narratives – and the results can be enchanting or haunting.

The Hunter and other Works is at The Ditch at Shoreditch Town Hall from March 6-9. Tickets can be bought here.

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