Warcraft movie trailer: first glimpse at ILM's VFX work on the game-based film

Dragons, armies, heroes and monsters are all on display in the teaser trailer for the movie based on World of Warcraft.

Okay, so the Warcraft movie really and truly exists, sort of. And ahead of the full trailer reveal on Friday at BlizzCon, Blizzard’s released a sneak-peak teaser-for-a-teaser type of thing that gives us our first look at the film proper – and at the VFX created by ILM for the movie.

It looks ... surprisingly decent? At least as far as the visuals are concerned. The story could still be a pile of tripe, for all we know, though I still have some naïve hope it might turn out good – mostly because it’s directed by Duncan Jones, and I loved Moon.

As I said, expect the full reveal during Blizzard’s keynote address on Friday morning, at 11 am Pacific. You can watch it live here.

In other Warcraft news, Blizzard said today it’s done sharing World of Warcraft subscriber numbers, a tradition it’s kept up every three months since the game launched (per IGN). “Note that this is the last quarter that we plan to provide subscriber numbers. There are other metrics that are better indicators of the overall Blizzard business performance,” said Blizzard, after revealing the game had dropped to 5.5 million users.

I guess it’s time for Warcraft 4. Please.

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