Volkswagen Beetle: A classic car gets a classy send-off in this animated ad

With a little help from The Beatles, the new ad asks us to let the Beetle be.

Where were you this New Year's Eve as the clocks struck 12? We know where we wish we had been, standing in Times Square not only to watch the famous ball drop - but to also some see classy animation in action.

Devised by UK powerhouse Nexus Studios in collaboration with agency Johannes Leonard, The Last Mile is an animated ode to the Volkswagen Beetle as the automotive icon goes out of production, premiering in New York's iconic epicentre whilst the big festivities were in play.

<iframe src="" width="688" height="387" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Soundtracked by a plaintive rendition of Beatles classic Let It Be, the rotoscope animation was made with an appropriately traditional hand drawn technique under the guiding eye of Nexus director Fx Goby.

Says Fx Goby “The film has a limited colour palette, evocative of a warm nostalgic feel. We wanted the film to feel warm and tactile, as if every frame had been printed, keeping the slight happy accidents of overlapping colours and paper textures.”

The film conveys the warm affection held by Bug owners and enthusiasts worldwide, depicting individuals and key moments in history who remind us of the car’s universal significance as a counterculture, pop and political icon. 

We particularly like the subtle shout out to the car's iconic Think Small advertisement.

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