Vivienne Westwood & George Tsioutsias work together again to create new campaign video

George Tsioutsias has created a new Vivienne Westwood ad for the official Vivienne Westwood Loves campaign

Vivienne Westwood Loves is a new collaboration with some of the most notable British heritage brands - Globe-Trotter, Gloverall, Lock & Co., Johnstons of Elgin and Pantherella. This new project focuses on celebrating quality and craftsmanship with an ethos that epitomises Vivienne Westwood’s "Quality over Quantity" and "Buy less, choose well, make it last".   

In under a minute, the film amalgamates British high fashion and political activism, a coalition that could have only been formed by Vivienne herself. 

Displaying gloomy and melancholic scenes of a couple - both dressed in the recognizably British grungy Westwood style - the film sporadically cuts off to show scenes of protests. These short fragments briefly depict posters in favour of Kieron Bryan and Bradley Manning’s liberation, among others.

The film embodies everything Westwood: her turbulent manifestos and elegant nonconformity, as well as the traditionalism of her collaborators.

This is not the first time Tsioutsias and Westwood have worked together. He also directed the video for her Anglomania campaign.

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