Get $800 of free online Nuke and VRay rendering from Google Zync

The beta of Zync on Google Cloud Platform has gone live, with the offer of $800 (around £525) in render credit up for grabs.

Artists that register for an account will automatically receive $300 (around £200) in free Google Cloud Platform credit, which can be used for Zync rendering.

As part of the launch, Zync is also making price cuts of around 15% to all of its Zync pricing, which the company said enhanced the cost effectiveness of Zync compared to managing on-premises render farms.

Google has also launched the Render More site to offer more information about Zync. On the site, artists can claim an additional $500 in Google Cloud Platform credit by filling out a form.

On the Render More site, artists can also find details about a chance to have their work featured as a success story on the Google Media landing page. By creating a render using Zync and uploading it social media using the #RenderMore tag by December 31, 2015, one artist will be in with a chance of having their work featured.

 Zync said it will continue to work on the platform in the coming months, kicking things off with RenderMan support later this year. 

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