Union VFX takes Stephen Poliakoff’s Dancing on the Edge back to the 1930s

Union VFX supplied over 200 shots as the sole visual effects house to work on Dancing on the Edge to help make its 1930s world seem authentic.

The new five-part BBC drama series written and directed by Stephen Poliakoff, Dancing on the Edge will be broadcast today for the first time on BBC Two at 9pm.

“Visual effects play an important role in high-end TV productions such as these, where it is essential that all the period details are top-notch,” says Tim Caplan, visual effects executive producer.

Union had previously worked with Poliakoff on his 2009 feature film, Glorious 39. Union’s visual effects supervisor Adam Gascoyne (127 Hours, Isles of Wonder: London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, Hyde Park on Hudson) supervised for the production.

The visual effects work comprised of compositing and FX.

“All of the shots were either about removing modern features or adding period features like smoke and steam (above),” said Adam. “Every detail had to be seamlessly integrated to enhance the 1930’s feel. The crew at Union has worked on numerous period feature films, and brought that experience to their work on Dancing on the Edge.”

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