A new report by CG training company Escape Studios says that 53 per cent of creatives would take a £5,000 pay cut if boosted their career -- and that 69 per cent would pay for their own training if it had a similar effect.

The report, which surveyed 250 individuals working in the creative industries, including the arts, design, film, media and publishing, found that professionals were more likely to look to pay for their own training on-the-job than embark on full-time training. More than half (57 per cent) have considered changing careers, given the current economic uncertainty – which Escape says is an indication that a significant proportion believe they have reached the end of their current career path and need to re-skill in order to progress. 

The report says that a significant number believe that a lack of training opportunities in their current job was actually doing them damage professionally.  43 per cent of survey respondents agreed that lack of training was holding back their careers.
Saint John Walker, computer games animation and facilities manager at Skillset, said “The creative industries are a major economic force in the UK, but continued growth depends on access to a mixed economy of opportunities to keep skills up to date. That means having quality training courses that people can choose when it suits them – not everyone can stop working full time, or travel to a venue."
Alex Hope, MD at Double Negative, echoed this, saying “The 'NextGen report highlighted skills gap in the VFX and Games Industries and show that these skills are in demand, in the wider hi-tech and creative industries. At DNeg we are firm believers in giving our artists the opportunities to train and develop their skills through programs we offer in-house. We welcome any initiatives from organisations such as Escape to develop courses that allow artists in the industry, and those coming into the industry, the opportunity to continue to develop their skills."
The Creative Futures report is available for download from escapestudios.co.uk/creativefutures.