Exclusive: Toca Boca's music video for Swedish band Colleagues

Take an exclusive first look at this music video for Align by Swedish band Colleagues created in collaboration with everyone's favourite Swedish kids app developer Toca Boca and inspired by its Toca Nature app.

The video for Align is released today, in advance of the upcoming debut of the Visits EP, out in early June on In Stereo Records.

Not only the music video, but the song itself was also inspired by the Toca Nature app, which invites kids to create and nurture a natural habitat.

Toca Nature has been a huge success for the Swedish kids app design studio – read our interview with its designer Mårten Brüggemann.

The Align music video features gameplay footage produced with Unity, the toolset which Toca Boca used to develop the app.

As with the app, the video populates the world of Align with different species of plants and animals, sculpting the landscape with lakes, mountains and different types of forest and woodland.

According to Colleagues, the app, though both beautiful and hopeful, also depicts an isolated piece of land in the middle of space. This contrast served as inspiration for both the song and music video.

 The band said they admired the company's playfulness, and that in Align they had tried to capture the contrast between the wonderful moments and isolation in life found in Toca Nature'.

“When I first heard Align I was amazed at how well Colleagues interpreted the raw emotion of Toca Nature,” said Toca Boca co-founder and executive producer Emil Ovemar. “The dreamy style of the app is unlike anything Toca Boca has ever produced before and the song captures this perfectly.

"The video mixes the two worlds together into a gameplay directed storyline that hints at the transience of nature.”

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