This musical video pays tribute to your great ideas that were killed by clients or bosses

This campaign video from Deustch New York is a little different to the usual client projects – instead it reflects on the internal struggles of the creative industries.

The video campaign - a satirical play of the stereotypical PSA advertising - is promoting entries to the 2017 International Andy Awards. It touches on the struggles of having a great idea that gets dismissed, crushed or forgotten by a creative director or another high power. 

South Korean creative design studio Superfiction animated the first film of three – in which a creative director kills an idea because of personal turmoil with a divorce.

Seoul-based Superfiction focuses on the happiness in life to lead its work in design, culture and art. You can check out their portfolio of work here.

The animation expresses a sombre scenario, yet with a strangely playful feel, exposing how important the relationship between a creative director and the creative team is. The catchline is “great ideas are senselessly killed every day” but the 2017 Andy awards jury are the heroes – “here to defend the best ones”. 

The theme of protecting great ideas continues onto the awards website, in which it lists a range of reasons why a great idea might be abandoned – testing, focus groups, the director’s wife, budget cuts, lawyers, tight deadlines…the list goes on.

The animation ends with Andy jury member and Burger King SVP of Global Management, Fernando Machado, graciously or violently – whichever way you want to look at it – killing the creative director with his bare hands, and essentially saving the good ideas.

Here are a few of this year’s jury members turned into strong, heroic characters.

The International Andy Awards, produced by the Advertising Club of New York, are now in their 53rd year of celebrating creative excellence in advertising among individuals and companies. Entries for 2017 are open until January 13.

The entries are judged by a jury of global creative leaders, and are in the running to win bronze, silver and gold awards, with the Grandy winner receiving a cash prize of $50,000.  

Deutsch works for clients such as Volkswagen, Samsung, Nintendo and Dr Pepper.

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