This ‘Making of’ video shows how to create a simple but beautiful 2D animation

Learning tips and tricks from other creatives is invaluable when it comes to widening your skills, and we always appreciate - even just out of sheer curiosity or inspiration - ‘Making of’ videos, like this one we’ve spotted.

While Sixtine Dano is a third year student at the prestigious Gobelins animation school in Paris, this video will be of use to animators with many years experience. For her course, Sixtine created a beautiful "petit" 2D traditional animation called Tout Doux (meaning ’soft’ in English). Centred around the action of a kiss, the animation explores how to create motion and response between two people – moments of interaction that can be quite complex to recreate.

She’s just released the breakdown video (above) of how she created the animation, created in TVPaint, Photoshop and After Effects. Watch the step-by-step tutorial, beginning with a rough animation in TVPaint involving key poses and adjusting timing, clean-ups, colouring in Photoshop and TVPaint, animating the light, shadows, lines and finally exporting in After Effects.

Here's the final animation.

Check out our After Effects and Photoshop tutorials, and see more of Sixtene Dano's work here.

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