This fantastic short film is packed with hidden TV and film references

PostPanic's ad for Virgin Media owner Liberty Global is chock-full of movie and TV references. How many can you spot?

Dutch film studio PostPanic are a dab hand at mixing epic sci-fi with a wry and irreverent touch - think Edgar Wright but with more slo-mo – and their latest commercial project for Liberty Global is an all-out ode to storytelling on the big and small screen, an apt fit for a cable giant that counts Virgin Media among its range of subsidiaries.

Instead of going down the pedestrian route of a montage of clips fronted by a flown over movie star, director Mischa Rozema has instead created something pieced from recreations of classic moments in cult peak TV and cinema. The amazing thing though is how it stands as something new and touching in its own right. Watch A Report Of Connected Events below to see for yourself, and count how many references and Easter eggs you can spot in its four-minute runtime.

The film was made in Paris in order to "disorientate the viewer", in Mischa's own words. "(As) most of the depicted films/TV series are Anglo-American by origin, I looked to create a different vibe," he explains about the project. "We are transported to a world in one city. An alternate reality. A place where stories can come to life. "

Among shout-outs to recognisable milestones from the US like Pulp Fiction and Stranger Things, we also get nods to British bests e.g. Children of Men, along with animation from the Far East like Akira, the iconic motorbike from which can be seen in this VFX breakdown courtesy of PostPanic.

This second breakdown meanwhile shows the piece by piece invasion of Paris by a whole host of sci-fi baddies, in further proof of the ad's quixotic blurring between our world and the worlds of our favourite stories.

If you like this, check out this earlier collaboration between PostPanic and Mischa, and find more from the studio on their official homepage.

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