This clever animation visualises how Facebook prevents online violence

London-based studio Moth’s latest short animation in a minimalist, flat illustration style, highlights the benefits of Facebook’s Community Standards programme.

Created by Hornet's directing team Moth, the film cleverly depicts the importance of fighting abusive content online and shows how the Community Standards contribute to making Facebook a safer place for everybody.

The film explores several aspects of the Community Standards that aim to make Facebook equally enjoyable for all of its users. The company’s software works hand-in-hand with Facebook users to fight spam and prevent online violence. The film encourages users to take responsibility by actively reporting any content that they think unsuitable to the website. Check out the animation below.

Facebook is given full control over the material that they choose to signal as abusive. The reports will then be examined by a Facebook team who will decide – based on several factors including language and cultural differences – whether or not it will be deleted.

Facebook Community Standards have been created by academics, Human Relations (HR) organisations and Facebook users to keep the website safe and welcoming. They include measures such as the removal of posts that may induce "physical harm" or be "a serious risk to public safety", as well as those "that appear to purposefully target private individuals".

Other types of content may experience reduced visibility in order to protect certain audiences.The Community Standards also encourage respectful behaviour by deleting hate speech. They ensure everybody’s privacy by prohibiting users from sharing others’ personal information and they protect intellectual property laws. Several of these features are highlighted by Moth’s smart film.

The animation uses symbols to illustrate online violence, therefore giving it a universal character: it can potentially be used by Facebook in every country using a Western alphabet. The film presents diversity as a force, is easily understandable and is made to be available to anyone. The chosen symbols illustrate strongly the effects of abusive comments and their repercussions on people, showing how the Community Standards can be used to fight them.  

Though the film itself remains free from offensive content, the audience is able to recognise alarming behaviour and to react accordingly. The film’s diversity symbolises Facebook’s global presence and its desire to provide a safe experience for everyone. It also uses symbols that can be found on the website, making it easier for users to understand how to report abusive content.

The film is Moth, Hornet and Facebook’s second successful collaboration after a project aiming to spotlight Facebook’s “Events” features, for which Moth created two videos. Moth is an award-winning animation studio founded by three short-film directors who graduated from the Royal College of Art. Its perceptive animation style has enabled it to produce clever pieces of work covering a wide range of subjects, from a short film about the colour blue created for CNN, to one denouncing the damages of over-fishing commissioned by WWF.

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