This bright, poppy Oreo ad will make you smile

Diorama-style CG spots are nothing new but this Oreo ad by Brand New School is fun and upbeat enough to perk us up on a grey morning in London.

The spot sees bubblegum-coloured CG animated in front of what appears to be the kind of single-colour sweep you'd used in product photography shoots. If you'd like to create something like this, see our tutorial on how to give a 3D scene a bubblegum shine.

The ad is based on a 'how do you eat yours'-type concept: illustratring different ways to eat an Oreo, "twisting, licking, dunking, or downing the entire cookie in one". The Oreo ad's soundtrack is a new song by French 'pop star' Yelle (us neither).

However, clichéd the concept and look, Brand New School has succeeded in creating a really fun ad that'll make you smile – which is no mean feat.

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