This ad has really adorable animation

Bank advertising can be pretty dull, or pretty predictable. But this animation by creative production studio Ambassadors and creative agency Selmore  for ASN Bank definitely spices things up and strays far from the cliché image of the financial world. 

As Diederick Hillenius, creative director at Selmore explains, banks often go for the "client central theatre plays", but this "unorthodox" story about a creature of habit is undeniably amusing and oh so punny (and there’s more of that - Money Badger, anyone?).

Watch it below.

The narrative is based around an unassuming dog wearing a yellow sweater - the Creature of Habit. He bounces around the forest while the narrator with a dreamy voice explains his story, much like the opening to a children’s book.

For years he’d been banking with the same money badger while the money badger was busy doing other things – but switching banks – that’s such a hassle, we’re told. 

"Sometimes change is needed to keep things the way they are. Use a sustainable bank, so money can create happiness." 

The tagline is simple – the bank’s ethos clearly outlined in a mere 33 seconds with the help of the dog, badger and a squirrel. 

"From the beginning on I was sold on the narrative idea of animals living in the forest," says Ambassadors head of design and animation Vincent Lammers. 

But the impressive nature of the advertisement is not only in the refreshing angle of the animation, but the authentic nature of how it was produced. Ambassadors has released this in-depth Making Of reel demonstrating how the creatures and forest were conceptualised and created. 

"For us it was an obvious choice to not create the forest in 3D, but to make it a reference to the real life Forest of Ideals painted by the ASN Bank customers. So we built a miniature we could use to film," says Vincent. 

Vincent worked alongside Ambassadors colourist Koert van de Ploeg to create realism within a fictive world. 

"By thickening the canopy within the forest we emphasis the darkness surrounding the money badger, but at the same time adding light streaks and spots to sympathise with the Creature of Habit," Koert explains. 

And take note of what the creatures wear – the Creature of Habit wears a woollen sweater and the Money Badger wears a tie and is made of a striped flannel suit fabric. 

The music – a celeste piano melody – takes the viewer to the fable world. The music has to work on all future films and become a characteristic ASN sound. It was recorded with several musicians. 

"A balance needed to be found between the light-hearted animation and the severity of the bank," says founding partner and composer at Ambassadors Sebastiaan Roestenburg. You can find out more about the music composition here.

Ambassadors is made up of 60 different artists in the areas of VR, VFX, music, programming, animation and designers. The Amsterdam-based team work with international brands including Asics, Heineken and Nissan.

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