Take a look at two very different title sequences for The Guilty Innocent

Californian post house Butcher, led by creative director and editor David Henegar, recently collaborated with director Jamie Marshall to create two very different title sequences for his upcoming feature, The Guilty Innocent.

The crime thriller, set to air in 2015, tells the story of an under-appreciated, over-worked assistant entrusted with a million-dollar necklace.

Henegar handled all facets of the sequences including creative concept, motion graphics, and sound design, showcasing a broad range of styles.

The first, at the top of this story, is a diamond-strewn affair, in captivating and polished CG on a velvet-black background.

"Originally when I spoke with the director, Jamie Marshall, about the film, I discovered that at the core of the story was an extremely expensive diamond necklace," said Henegar. "The necklace was a thread throughout the film, so I decided to design an opening based on diamonds in motion and their beauty as an element against a black backdrop."

"I used almost entirely Adobe products for the project," explained Henegar. "These included After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Audition. However, one of the most important tools I used was the Element 3D plug-in for After Effects. I’ve always been a 2D designer, but the idea I had in mind for this required 3D elements [the diamonds], so I used the plug-in to design, animate and manipulate the diamonds for the sequence. I was also able to use it to extrude and treat the type.

Element 3D was an amazing tool that helped me achieve a simple execution in a short period of time. Illustrator was used to design some of the flash frames that show the schematic of a diamond necklace. I also used Audition to manipulate and design many of the sound effects for the piece.

The second title sequence (below) is very different, displaying classic and elegant 2D animation based on a film script.

"Ultimately, while the director loved the initial concept design, he felt that it didn’t seem right for the tone of the film," said Henegar. "Upon eventually seeing the final locked rough cut, I agreed with his decision. The diamond animation sequence was a bit too "James Bond-ish" for the film he had made. So, I decided to re-concept based on the movie’s main theme, which was a young man trying to break into the film industry in LA."

"I ended up going with a more straightforward concept, the Hollywood Script, using a red pen to write the opening titles as notes in the margins."


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