Superfad's new stop-motion films reveal quirky facts about previous US presidents in run up to Election

In the run-up to the US general election on November 6, production company Superfad has created a series of stop-motion films revealing quirky QI-style facts about previous US Presidents from Ulysses S Grant to Andrew Jackson.

Created for the Know Your POTUS site and subtitled 'stuff you may or may not know about past presidents of the USA', the films dig up facts such as Ulysses S Grant's predilection for cigars (up to 20 a day), Grover Cleveland's previous careers as a professional hangman, or that James Buchanan was suspected as being gay for a close friendship with senator William Rufus King. Andrew Jackson – best known to West Wing fans as 'the guy with the big block of cheese' – is said to haven taken part in over 100 duels.

You can watch four of the films below. Two more will be released in the coming weeks.

Buchanan: The Bachelor

Cleveland: The Hangman

Grant: The Smoker

Jackson: The Duelist

Superfad says the films were inspired by the 70s kids TV programme The Magic Roundabout. The firm also says that although some of the facts revealed are over 200 years old, they've been selected with a direct correlation to many of today's hot political issues. Each installment ends with a call to action: "Get out and vote! Only you can make Presidential history."

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