Studio Output designs the world’s biggest musical at Beijing's Olympic stadium

The Olympic spirit of the UK has spread back to China as a small British creative agency, Studio Output, has been awarded more than £500,000 by NeStyle Corporation to provide creative direction to a huge stage show called Attraction in China’s iconic Olympic venue, the Bird’s Nest stadium.

Studio Output is a relatively small agency that carries out creative media projects that interact with their audience to provide them with an exciting and memorable experience. The team behind the show, NeStyle Corporation, had also produced Beijing’s spectacular opening and closing Olympic ceremony and with the design and help of Studio Output, it will produce what it calls the most technically advanced live show ever. The creative agency will use VFX, projection mapping and LED animation to wow the audiences.

A work-in-progress shot of the show's layout

The British agency has been tasked to provide creative direction and visual effects, using over 10,000m2 of LEDs along with live projection mapping onto waterfalls. Studio Output has been recognized for their creative skills in merging both the real world and digital world to an audience. It has previously worked and created the visual effects in videos such as Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Jagger music video and the a series of projection-mapped PlayStation ads that attracted millions of viewers on YouTube.

Studio Output was handed the Beijing project after their cutting-edge Immersive Movie Experience campaign for Sony’s PlayStation Video Store. NeStyle Corporation is in charge of the Bird’s Nest and its legacy and has been employed by the Chinese Government to produce the live shows.  

This large-scale production will be directed by Lu Chuan, the Chinese film director who has been described as China’s version of Danny Boyle – and whose previous film grossed more than £50 million in their opening weekends.

A work-in-progress shot of the show's concept art

Over 600 performers and 200 production staff will be involved with around 10,000 people in the audience viewing this monumental performance per night. The visual area is larger than three football pitches across and 16 double decker buses high. Studio Output will therefore be the first British business to take on such a sophisticated visual effects project for a live stage show.

“This project has all the elements to become a truly iconic, epic piece of creative work," says Ian Hambleton, partner and creative director at Studio Output "Being able to work on such a scale, with no restriction on production quality and for such a large audience, is not something we could have ever imagined doing in the UK.”

Studio Output’s involvement in Attraction is not the last we’ll hear of them as Ian also adds, “We’ve already begun discussions on a number of projects in the future, including the 2016 Brazilian Olympic opening ceremony.” With the immense visual effects that Studio Output produce, the next Olympic games will definitely also be worth attending.

The live musical show, Attraction, is centered on a love story and will involve many scenes that involve the changing of seasons, fountains and other grandeur sights for three years. Studio Output will project these parts of the show onto scenery where their talent in visual effects and creativity will make each digital performance come to life.

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