This stop-motion Tetris is made out of chalk and canvas

If you thought Tetris can get tricky enough on a computer screen, imagine trying to play it in real life, with chalk.

Artist Chris Carlson made an impressive 3D rendition of the much-loved game, and it features everything you'd expect from Tetris. Here's the kicker though: Chris's rendering is a chalk drawing on a curved blackboard, and he used stop-motion techniques to simulate falling and disappearing blocks.

His life-sized recreation is incredibly detailed; Chris started by drawing a grid on the board to make sure that his blocks were all the same size. He then used perspective drawing techniques to give his Tetris game a 3D effect.

While you can only imagine how fiddly and time-consuming it must be to draw, film, and then re-draw each block as it drops down, at least you'll never lose a game again because you get to control which blocks appear. (You eliminate the problem of a lone blank square when you don't have the shape you need. Grr!)

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