This hypnotic stop-motion short film was handcrafted from 3D-printed props

Animator Raymond McCarthy Bergeron’s short film, Re-belief, is zinging round the web after winning a host of awards: Best Experimental at the Sunset Film Festival (2015) and the Gold Award in the Pixie Award’s Animation Category, to name just a few.

Blending old and new techniques – stop motion and 3D printing – Raymond has handcrafted an animation which asks “if recalling memories can break a cycle” for his MFA Thesis at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The result is ethereal, surreal and totally hypnotising.

Zoetropes – the pre-cinema animation technique where a sequence of images mimics movement – are rarely created these day due to their colossal time demands. But Raymond’s well-spent hours created a dreamlike experience, where unnaturally moving characters leer from the screen. See if you can resist hitting play again.

See Bergeron’s website for more of his work, of which there is plenty – and his award collection is probably too big for most cabinets.

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