Stargate Studios opens London VFX facility for Apocalypse Slough

Stargate Studios, known for its VFX and virtual production on series like The Walking Dead, Dr. Who, and 24, aims to make an impact in the UK by opening Stargate London. 

Located in Ealing Studios, its first production will be Apocalypse Slough, for Working Title TV and Sky 1. Starring Rob Lowe, Megan Mullaly and Jenna Fischer, the series follows the townsfolk of Slough as they prepare for an eight-mile comet heading towards Earth. In addition, Stargate London is working on Luther for BBC. 

Stargate’s main technology innovation is its Virtual Backlot, a low cost alternative to shooting on location.

The technology offering fully immersive environments to shoot establishing shots, multiple angle coverage, walk and talks and driving.

The company also uses a global network that allows clients to access more than 250 visual effects artists and supervisors all over the world, as well as high-speed data transfer and simultaneous international rendering.

Stargate Founder and CEO Sam Nicholson said Stargate London was the ideal complement to Stargate’s studios in Malta and Germany, and would allow the studio to work with local UK talent.

“Stargate London will bring the same cutting-edge technology to television in Great Britain that we have used in, among others, Dr. Who, The Walking Dead and 24," said Nicholson. "Our proprietary Virtual Backlot Technology has been utilised in the United States, Europe and the Middle East by most of the major film and television studios, including Universal/NBC, Disney/ABC and HBO, as well as MBC in Dubai, and will be instrumental in our success in Great Britain."

Managing Stargate London is Lead Producer Michelle Martin, who started her VFX career at MPC and has worked on numerous projects including the Emmy-nominated series The Bible, The White Queen and The Royals.

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