Amazing Spectacles, a new independently run animation studio, has opened its doors in Soho. The company, which is the brainchild of animator Martin Allan, executive producer Hilary Macdonald, and animation producer Jules Pye, has already completed several projects including commercials for Zip Firelighters and Sony PSP.
The animation studio grew from post house Prime Focus's 3D studio, with that company backing the new boutique. Amazing Spectacles was set up in response to a change in what clients were looking for, according to Hilary.

“Increasingly, the animation work we were winning called for a more director-led, conceptually-creative approach,” she says. “So we decided to create a dedicated animation studio to address our clients needs. We’ve brought together a hugely talented team of animation specialists with experience in all areas of production, from commercials, shorts and virals to features and series work.

"Our breadth of experience allows us to offer all animation techniques and styles, from 3D CGI, 2D and Flash to hand drawn, puppeteering and stop-frame animation.”
Overseeing the company will be managing director Daniel Sapiano, who is joint managing director of Prime Focus’ commercials division in the UK.
“Amazing Spectacles is its own company, but having the backing of Prime Focus means we’ll be able to draw on its global resources as and when we need to,” said Martin Allan, director at Amazing Spectacles. “We have some commercials work under our belt already and a slate of exciting and diverse projects coming up. We’re looking forward to a fantastic first year.”

Amazing Spectacles can be found at, and you can follow the company on Twitter.