Smith & Foulkes direct new 'Inner Beauty' ad for Honda

Directors Smith & Foulkes from animation studio Nexus have teamed up with advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy to create the new 'Inner Beauty' ad campaign for Honda.

Designed to demonstrate the spacious interior of Honda's new Civic Tourer, the ad takes the viewer on a journey beyond what meets the eye using variety of animation techniques.

The concept for the ad was inspired by Honda engineers involved in designing the car, who said that they wanted people to look past the outer beauty to what lies beneath.

To portray this message, the viewer is whisked beneath the outer shell of a series of objects, including a golf ball, a camera, a toy robot, a guitar and a dresser, until we reach the interior of the Tourer itself.

Smith & Foulkes used stop motion slicing and CG effects to make the inside of each object look realistic, and used live action footage to capture the rest of the film.

"As always with Honda, Wieden + Kennedy came up with an idea that was a little off the wall," Smith & Foulkes said. "The script was an intriguing puzzle through which we had to navigate a clear path, creating a journey that switches between expansive exteriors and unexpected interiors that eventually related directly to the practical capabilities of the car."

"We imagined our journey as a series of tunnels in a desert, capturing the disorientating sensation of driving into an enclosed space before suddenly being thrown back out onto the open road," they continued. "We began the process by sawing a lot of objects in half, getting to know how you might travel through them and discovering otherworldly interior spaces within."

This is not the first time Smith & Foulkes and Wieden + Kennedy have created adverts for Honda. Last year, they teamed up on the Honda 'Hands' ad, which has racked up more than 10 million views on YouTube since its release.

Smith & Foulkes also created the award-winning 'Grrr' spot for Honda, as well as 'This Unpredictable Life' in 2011.

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