Nexus directors, Smith & Foulkes, have created a TV spot for Intel's new Core i5 processor that mimics the recent HTML5-driven 'music videos' for Arcade Fire and Sour.

Using a dynamic mix of live action and animation, Smith & Foulkes used every trick in the action movie book and got some hot insider tips from their DOP, Oliver Wood, of Bourne trilogy fame, to create this spot.  Stopping short, however, of exploding a car on the streets of Prague, Adam and Alan instead opted to bring their animation directing expertise to the piece, with the action taking place in a series of software windows which open at full pelt.

Alan said:  "We often combine live action with animation within the same scene, but here we had to continually jump from one to the other without losing the impact of the action or interrupting the narrative thread.  Instead of editing from scene to scene in live action, we would cut from software window to new software window."

The result is an illustration of the Intel processor working at maximum capacity, as we career through the film following the heroine's frantic dash through a myriad of windows in her bid to outwit the baddies - YouTube, Flikr, Google -- all play their part in showing what Intel says the Core i5 is capable of.

Alan comments:  "The fast-cutting, all out action of the iconic cinematic chase sequence was the perfect set piece for this fantastic brief.  So we didn’t get to shoot exploding cars on the streets of Prague, but who knows ... maybe next time..."

The ad central conceit is drawn from interactive music videos for Arcade Fire and Japanese band Sour, though it lacks their personalisation. Being web-based and opening up a multitude of windows on your desktop based on info drawn from your own Twitter and Facebook accounts.