Shy the Sun creates third animated trailer for Alice: Madness Returns

Animation and design collective Shy the Sun has directed Wonderland, the last in a series of three trailers for the launch of the video game Alice: Madness Returns through production company Strange Beast.  In the final film Alice seeks refuge in Wonderland from a troubled past, but a great evil has descended on the place where she once found beauty and tranquillity.

Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel to the 2000 video game American McGee’s Alice.  McGee, the designer of the original game, returned to design the sequel with game developers EA.

 Shy the Sun’s Ree Treweek says, “This film allowed us to indulge completely in Wonderland.  We started off in a Lewis Carroll inspired environment with an Eastern twist.  This wondrous haven that Alice finds herself in proves to be only a veil, created by the caterpillar’s constant puffing of dreamy smoke.  The illusion soon gives away to the true Wonderland, a surreal and horrific place in which Alice is forced to face her greatest foe.

“Overall the Oriental Wonderland stands out as our favourite in terms of design.  It was the scene most open to interpretation and creating elements such as the caterpillar’s mushroom, the mouse island and the lizard flowers, and the psychedelic colour palette was great fun.  It was an immense effort from the point of view of CG production with 24 people working on the project.”

Here are some stills from the piece.

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