Seeper projection maps animation onto ship-shaped Titanic Belfast museum

Art collective seeper has created a large-scale projection-mapped animation for the opening of the Titanic Belfast museum.

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the building of the historical ship, the entire facade of the building was be transformed into a real-time 3D canvas. The lightshow was streamed live at on Saturday April 7. We assume this will be updated with video from the event after everyone's stopped noshing on chocolate eggs.

Seeper founder and creative director Evan Grant says that the Titanic Building would be the most complex projection mapping project ever created: “With the metal plaques of the Titanic building forming irregular pyramids, we’ve found light reacts very differently depending on the angle, causing it to be an integral consideration across all the show.”

The show featured fireworks and visuals inspired by the creation and sinking of the Titanic. The event sees the debut of seeper's own bespoke new media server the seeserver to produce a large-scale show.

Seeper's previous projects include the Battle of Branchage in 2010 and the launch of AC/DC’s Iron Man 2 album through projection mapping Rochester Castle.

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