See vectorfunk artworks in the world around you with this free AR phone app

Artist Matt W. Moore returns in a brand collaboration that'll have vector centaurs launching from your phone and dominating the cityscape around you.

The last time we featured vector artist Matt W. Moore (MWM) he was busy working with fishes; come 2018 and he's creating giant centaurs parading on rooftops.

Brand-heads with a taste for swanky booze will recognise the centaur insignia as hallmark of Cognac-makers Rémy Martin, for whom Matt has developed visuals for a brand new AR app celebrating its limited new VSOP range. 

The release could be better classified as an Augmented Reality Tour (ARt) app that invites users to revisit major cityscapes ranging from New York to Moscow by taking on the role of the viewer as well as the artist, playing with a vast pallet of 3D graphical elements taken from Matt’s visual universe.

As mentioned in the promotional video, Matt took inspiration from the grapes and leaves of the Cognac region for his geometric creations that can be seen dropping from the skies on your phone; call it a city invasion of vector art.

“My first goal was to design all of the different existing elements: the grapes, vines, leaves, sunbursts, custom typography for VSOP, and the overall flow of the compositions,” Matt explains about the project.

“Once we established a healthy library of illustrated assets, the next step was to compose them in clever ways for each of the different applications – gift box, bottle label and beyond.”

It's a nice development of Matt's style from his early so-called 'vectorfunk' days, and a nice reminder that any brand can get in on the AR branding game, even names in food and drink.

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