Luxology has released the LuxFolio stereoscopic portfolio application, which allows users to view and present stereoscopic images on the iPad or a connected monitor. LuxFolio, which was made specifically for the iPad, provides the ability to organize images into slideshows, view them using several stereoscopic presentation techniques and perform various stereo-related image manipulations.

The LuxFolio application allows users to upload stereo-ready images using iTunes File Sharing, or import them from the iPad Photo Album, and then display them using a 3D stereoscopic effect. The images can be produced with special 3D cameras or mounts, or with 3D rendering software (such as Luxology's own modo, the company notes). LuxFolio will import MPO stereoscopic images, side-by-side stereo images, or pairs of images.

LuxFolio provides three ways of viewing images in stereo: 2-up, wobble and anaglyph. The 2-up mode displays both images side-by-side and is designed to support connected stereoscopic video displays. Wobble mode shifts between left and right views to simulate the act of moving your head side-to-side to see the stereo parallax of a scene.

Anaglyph stereo viewing works with commonly available red-blue 3D glasses. This view combines the two sides of the stereo pair using different colors, so that the left image is mostly blocked by the blue filter over the right eye, and the right image is blocked by the red filter over the left eye.

LuxFolio also ships with a sample collection of 18 3D stereo pairs for immediate viewing and lets you organize and present stereo (or standard) images into slideshows with adjustable slide duration, plus manual forward, backwards and pause controls. Full screen iPad viewing is supported with zoom and pan functionality using standard iPad gestures.

LuxFolio is available immediately from the Apple app store at a price of £1.79 or US $2.99.