See Moo Studios' new animated advert for Blue Moon beer

Moo Studios has created a new animated advert for Blue Moon beer as part as the company's "Artfully Crafted" campaign, using a combination of live-action, stop-motion, hand-drawn and digital animation.

The ad, which is one of three new instalments in the campaign, is titled "Crafted Creations," and uses a combination of live action and animation to portray the hand crafted ideals behind the brand.

Starring in the ad is brewmaster Keith Villa, who can be seen illustrating Blue Moon's latest beer at a drawing table. His illustrations are brought to life through soft and subtle stop-motion animation combined with some additional animation and visual effects that were added after the live footage action footage had been captured.

Moo Studios has been working with Blue Moon since the beer-maker's first commercial in 2009. Moo Studios has also worked with Google, the BBC, Nokia, Guinness, Xbox, Coca Cola and more.

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