See mcbess's iconic style animated for Mercedes-Benz

French illustrator mcbess teams up with Mercedes-Benz to illustrate and direct a fast-paced short animated film for its Tongue Twister ad campaign, promoting the brand’s road safety technology.

London-based mcbess uses his iconic cartoon character style and black-and-white illustrations to tell the story of a Mercedes that avoids a collision with a deer by using the car’s Night View Assist Plus, which recognises danger at night. The film was created by Mercedes-Benz’s lead advertising agency, antoni Berlin, and animated by Yannis BoultadakisWatch it below.

The film mixes illustrations and typography – each frame fitting exactly over the voice-over's speedy pace as it dramatises a complicated traffic dilemma in the form of a tongue twister.

“Traffic accidents happen in fast and difficult situations. Luckily, the Mercedes-Benz safety systems read the road when it gets hard and prevent dangers,” Mercedes explains.

The film takes on a light-hearted approach to the topic of safety technologies, which can often take on a more sobering style.

Earlier in June, Biker by artist Noma Bar and Runner by Daniel Semanas were animations created for the Tongue Twister campaign. 

Mcbess also makes up a third of art collective The Dudes in Berlin, and directs commercial animation with his friend Simon Landrein. See what happened when mcbess and Ugo Gattoni spent a week eating, cooking and drawing, or his animated ad for Ray Ban with Simon.

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