See the best, goriest VFX work from 7 seasons of True Blood

Just in time for Halloween, Zoic Studios has released a reel of their favourite horrific VFX shots created for HBO's high-camp vampire TV show True Blood.

This is probably the most blood-drenched TV VFX reel that we've ever published – even more so that Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. There are decapitated heads, characters eaten by animals, organs being ripped out of bodies, a lot of fire and explosions, and geysers of blood.

There's also a rather big spoiler for the end of the series – so you might want to avoid watching this if you're still making your way through the box sets (or haven't started yet).

Zoic worked on all 80 episodes of the show from 2008 pilot to the finale in 2014.

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