Secret Cinema's The Empire Strikes Back: join the Rebel Alliance at these inteactive screenings

Secret Cinema has announced that its next project will be The Empire Strikes Back. The heady mix of interactive theatre and film screening will take on arguably the best Star Wars film somewhere in London over the summer.

Running from June 4 to August 2 – a total of 52 days – the event appears to be as grand in scale as last year's take on Back To The Future, which saw a version of Hill Valley built in the Olympic Park in Stratford, East London. While that was an incredible experience, hopefully this event won't sufffer the same problems as that, which had its first week cancelled to fix health-and-safety issues raised by the local council.

This is one of Secret Cinema's not-so-secret events. The location hasn't been disclosed, but you know what the film is. As with the screenings of the likes of Back To The Future, Top Gun and Ghostbusters, these types of events are family-friendly and the emphasis is on fun. Participants are unlikely to be stripped down to their underwear and marched around a prison experience, as we were for The Shawshank Redemption.

The interactive elements of Secret Cinema's performances include actors, props, scenes – as well as some innovative installations such as the Alien body scanner and a spaceship landing simulator for Secret Cinema's Prometheus.

Tickets go on sale at 1pm on Wednesday March 18. Prices haven't been announced, but past experience tells me they'll be about as much as a half-decent seat at a West End theatre, Secret Cinema's Facebook page will be full of people complaining about the price, they'll still sell out and those that go will think that it was worth the money.

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