Science Museum reveals 3D model of shuttered gallery

Take a virtual tour of the Shipping Galleries of maritime artifacts, whose exhibits are now in storage.

The Science Museum has created a massively intricate 3D model of a gallery it closed last year. Before the Shipping Galleries's 1,800 objects were placed into storage, a team formed by the museum, UCL and ScanLAB Projects laser-scanned the entire gallery to create a 3D model from over two billion points.

You can watch a tour of the 3D model gallery below, narrated by the Science Museum's curator of transport, David Rooney.

The team used two Faro Photon 120 laser scanners to record 275 360-degree views – to sub-milimetre accuracy, according to the museum – to create a point cloud model of the gallery that's a whopping 256GB in size. Its creators say that only 10 per cent of this was used to create the animated tour.

The museum is currently working out what to do with the data – and it will make it available to the public later this year. However, the amount of data captured will make using it tricky unless you have access to enterprise-scale levels of 3D processing power.

The Science Museum's maritime collection has been put into storage to make way for the IT-focussed Information Age exhibition, which opens next year.

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