Rushes pairs Phantom drone with VFX to create robot & laser-filled film

MGFX Studio – the creative design division of post house Rushes – has paired the Phantom video drone with VFX, and land art too, to create an awesome giant robot and laser-filled short film.

By using DJI's Phantom drone, Rushes MGFX Studio was able to capture aerial shots of the land art created in the sand, which was originally going to be the main focus of Artificial Agent. However, once the team began shooting, the studio decided that the Phantom could play an even bigger part in the film.

"Originally, this film was going to be about the land art we created, and the Phantom was just the tool to get the aerial footage," Rushes MGFX Studio's Matt Lawrence explains. "But once we started filming we realised these quadcopters are just so cool to look at, that they had to take a starring role – basically, the kit stays in the picture!"

Land artist Martin McKinney says: "We had a great time coming up with the original concept for this. We wanted a strong narrative, to convey the idea of a future world populated by giant creative robots, with cool hi-tech stealth quadcopters, equipped with lasers… oh and large scale land art. Above all, the film had to be playful in tone."


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