Rick and Morty animators explain how they nail the show's cinematic look

Screenshot from Rick and Morty: Animation Challenges

New featurette on the animation challenges behind your favourite Adult Swim show, including a sneak peek of upcoming dragon epic in season four.

We all know Rick and Morty is an adventurous show, but a revealing new video from Adult Swim shows just what that means for the animation side of things.

Watch Rick and Morty: Animation Challenges below, you get more of an appreciation of how cinematic the show's become since the first season, replacing shots of characters talking with more and more crowd scenes and epic sequences.

One grand storyboard hinted at in the featurette revolves around an upcoming Game of Thrones-esque dragon showdown in the show's current fourth season. We also learn one episode in the same season has used over 900 assets in its production, something you can see reflected in the rather weary eyes of the animation folk profiled in the short.

The second half of Ricky and Morty season four will begin airing in the US from 3 May, and from May 7 in the UK on E4. 

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